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If you prefer not to learn in our group sessions, you can take private 1:1 BSL courses.  We offer both our BSL Level 1 and BSL Level 2 course for anyone who wishes to take private BSL classes.

Get in touch with our team and we will help arrange your one to one BSL level 1 or 2 course. 

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1:1 BSL Course Booking

Learn British Sign Language as a team!
Course Date & Time

Course: 1:1 BSL Level 1 or 2

Date: 2021

Duration: 5 – 15 weeks

Location: Online via Zoom Meeting

Course Information

The full BSL Level 1 course runs for 5 weeks and is taught online via Zoom meeting, so you can see the teach and the teacher can see you.   The BSL Level 2 class runs for 15 weeks.  In both cases you can take additional classes until you feel you are ready to take the BSL exam.