Exclusive 1:1 BSL Level 1 Course Online + Exams

Skill Level: Starter
Course: BSL Level 1
Duration: 10 Weeks
Date: Tailored Availability
Sessions: 60 minutes
Location: Live Online via Zoom
Group Size: 1 Person Exclusive


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1:1 Private BSL Level 1 Course Online – 10-week course with exams included.

Start learning British Sign Language (BSL) one to one. Our 10-week course gives you exclusive private access to our BSL teacher. No groups, so you can really focus on learning BSL proficiently.

BSL taster classes are available, if you would like to try before you enrol.

The BSL Level 1 online course is based on the same curriculum as we cover in our BSL Level 1 classroom course. We will teach you British Sign Language live via Zoom meeting. Classes run on a weekly basis for 10 weeks. After that, you can choose to take the BSL Level 1 exam to get your qualification certificate.

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Course Benefits

  • Private BSL Lessons
  • In-line with your schedule
  • Live online face to face lessons
  • 10-week course
  • Unlimited revision classes
  • Questions answered in-depth
  • Exam preparation
  • CPD or Signature Exam & Certification
  • Access to our BSL videos for revision (Normally £99.99 on its own)

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - BSL Alphabet

Introduction to British Sign Language and what you will learn in the upcoming weeks. Lesson 1 also covers the full BSL alphabet and our teacher will teach you great ways to remember the BSL Alphabet.

Questions and answer session at the end.

Lesson 2 - Meeting People

Basics of how to greet people using British Sign Language and ask simple questions like “how are you?” and sharing your name.

Our teacher will also go through what you’ve learnt so far from the previous lesson and then you will have a change to ask questions.

Lesson 3 - Numbers

On week 3 you will learn how to use British Sign Language for numbers, which will include dates and currency. You can also go through any words you have forgotten or have questions about from previous lessons.

Lesson 4 - Weather

A topic we all often like to refer to as a conversation starter, weather. You will learn key phrases and practice sentances about weather. At the end of the sessions you will be to ask questions.

Lesson 5 - Transport

Learn how to sign words related to transport, practice sentances with our teacher. Recap what you have learnt so far.

Lesson 6 - Directions
Learn how to sign directions using British Sign Language. Revise all the signs you have learnt so far.
Lesson 7 - Animals & People
On lesson 7 you will learn about animals and how to describe animals as well as people.
Lesson 8 - Food & Drink
Learn how to use BSL to sign words relating to food and drink.
Lesson 9 - The Home
On lesson 9 you will learn how to use BSL to sign about the home.
Lesson 10 - Sports & Hobbies

On the 10th and final lesson, you will learn how to use British Sign Language to sign about sports and hobbies.


BSL Level 1 Exams

At the end of the course, you may choose to repeat certain lessons.  You will get 1:1 exam preparation with our teacher.

You can choose if you want to take our BSL Level 1 CPD exam or the BSL Level 1 Signature Accredited exams.

Taught by

Mohammed Ali
BSL Level 1 to 6 Qualified Teacher

Materials Included

  • BSL Level 1 Worksheet
  • Access to video course for revision
  • Exam Preparation
  • Unlimited access to group sessions

BSL Class Example Video


No prior knowledge of British Sign Language required. This course is for beginner level students.

Exam & Qualifications

You can choose to either take your BSL Level 1 exam with Signature approved or CPD approved exam bodies. Or you can move on to BSL Level 2 without taking an exam.

Group BSL Courses Available

Our group BSL Level 1 courses on a weekly basis and cost £299 for the 10-weeks course. Exams are not included.