BSL Level 2 – 9th Jan at 8pm

BSL Level 2 Course

Online face to face
Exams included

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BSL Level 2 – Learn More Sign Language

We offer both Level 1 and 2 BSL courses for all students. Many of our students who have completed their Level 1 continue their BSL journey and move on to BSL Level 2. Before enrolling you to our Level 2 course, one of our teachers will arrange a Zoom meeting for an assessment. Our aim is to make BSL enjoyable and not make it a struggle. Our BSL Level 2 course includes the full 12-week course and 3 exams at the end.  Students can choose if they wish to get accredited from CPD Certification Service or Signature.

You can also sign up to our BSL Level 1 course as a refresher here

Our BSL Level 2 course is available online via live zoom meetings. You will need a webcam for this course as the class is run as a meeting, so everyone can see each other.


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Course Breakdown

LESSON 1 | Activities

LESSON 2 | My Home

LESSON 3 | Personalities, People and Animals

LESSON 4 | Work Life

LESSON 5 | Life in Education

LESSON 6 | Home Life

LESSON 7 | Health and Fitness

LESSON 8 | Food and Drink

LESSON 9 | Travel and Holiday

LESSON 10 | Mock Exam – An Old Friend

LESSON 11 | Mock Exam – A Day at the Seaside

LESSON 12 | Mock Exam – The Bike Shop

Exam 1 – Receptive Exam

Exam 2 – Presentation Exam

Exam 3 – Conversation Exam

Course Date & Time

Course: BSL Level 2 Online

Date & Time: 9th Jan at 8pm

Duration: 12 weeks

Location: Online via Zoom Meeting

£499 with CPD Certification
£699 with Signature Certification

Includes full course and all 3 exams (receptive, presentation and conversation) with 1:1 preparation

Important information

Each lesson is 45-55 minutes, the class will go ahead if we have a minimum of 2 students.